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Estate Tax Planning & Consulting Services

We offer round-the-year tax consulting and tax planning services to not only ensure compliance with the intricacies of complex tax laws, but to also minimize your tax liabilities under those laws. Our commitment is to maintain the highest levels of tax expertise and understanding so we can apply them to your situation, however challenging it may be. We can make your choices clear by dealng with the complexity so you won't have to.

We work with attorneys, investment advisors, and other professionals to be sure your needs are met.

Our tax consultants specialize in helping you with your tax planning needs across a broad spectrum of specialized needs.  Please contact us if you need expert guidance in any of the following areas:

Estate Tax

Estate taxes were once a problem affecting only the very wealthy. Now, however, when you consider the value of homes, portfolios, life insurance, and other assets, your estate may be facing a significant tax.  We can guide you in forming an effective estate plan that will provide tax-savings and other important benefits.

Gift Tax

The government imposes a “gift tax,” often at significant rates, depending upon the amount gifted, on transfers made by a donor during their lifetime above the annual gift exclusion. 

We can help ensure that your loved ones receive at least the amount gifted to them through leveraging the annual and/or lifetime exclusion to your benefit.


Whatever the age of your children, we can help you take advantage of the numerous federal and state tax breaks available as you plan for their education.

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