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The Tax Services We Offer

We specialize in offering our clients the following expert support and services:

  • Income Tax Return Preparation & Tax Compliance
    • U.S., State, & International
    • Individual, Corporate, S-Corp, Non-Profit
    • Banks & Credit Unions
    • U.S. Expatriates
  • Tax Planning & Consulting Services
    • Estate Taxes
    • Inheritance Taxes
    • Gift Tax Planning
    • Education Planning
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Litigation Support
    • Agriculture
    • Multi-Level Marketing
    • Transfer Pricing
    • International Taxation
    • Tax Equalization
    • Banking & Finance
    • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
    • FAS 109
    • FIN 48
  • Expat Tax Return Preparation, Tax Planning & Consulting
    • U.S. Expatriate Tax Return Preparation
    • U.S. Expatriate Tax Planning
    • U.S. Expatriate Tax Consulting
    • Tax Equalization
    • Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
    • Foreign Tax Credits
    • Self-employed Abroad
    • International Taxation
    • Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFC)
    • Social Security Agreements
    • Late Tax Return Filings
  • Accounting Software & Support

Income Tax Return Preparation

Tax return preparation is an annual chore. Taxation is complex. It's your responsibility to file your return(s) as required by law. We want to help you fulfill your responsibility by ensuring your personal or corporate tax compliance and tax efficiency, thus bringing you the peace of mind you deserve.

Whether your tax return preparation needs are simple or complex, we offer the peace of mind of knowing that your return has been prepared by tax professionals who have your best interests at heart. Our reputation and track record speaks for itself: we're here to help lighten your tax compliance burdens.

We offer a full range of assistance for all varieties of taxpaying entities and tax jurisdictions.

Tax Planning & Consulting Services

We offer round-the-year tax consulting and tax planning services to not only ensure compliance with the intricacies of complex tax laws, but to also minimize your tax liabilities under those laws. Our commitment is to maintain the highest levels of tax expertise and understanding so we can apply them to your situation, however challenging it may be. We can make your choices clear by dealng with the complexity so you won't have to.

We work with attorneys, investment advisors, and other professionals to be sure your needs are met.

Our tax consultants specialize in helping you with your tax planning needs across a broad spectrum of specialized needs. Please contact us if you need expert guidance in any of the following areas:

Estate Tax

Estate taxes were once a problem affecting only the very wealthy. Now, however, when you consider the value of homes, portfolios, life insurance, and other assets, your estate may be facing a significant tax. We can guide you in forming an effective estate plan that will provide tax-savings and other important benefits.

Gift Tax

The government imposes a “gift tax,” often at significant rates, depending upon the amount gifted, on transfers made by a donor during their lifetime above the annual gift exclusion.

We can help ensure that your loved ones receive at least the amount gifted to them through leveraging the annual and/or lifetime exclusion to your benefit.


Whatever the age of your children, we can help you take advantage of the numerous federal and state tax breaks available as you plan for their education.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We offer premiere support for mergers and acquisitions.

Litigation Support

We have often served as an expert witness on sophisticated tax issues. We can also deploy our extensive experience and expertise to support your legal team in the litigation of tax matters, including accounting and related technical tax issues, IRS practices and procedures, risk analysis, and the preparation of accounting, valuation, and economic reports.


We have the experience and know-how to help farmers minimize their tax burdens, letting you focus on what you do best.

Multi-Level Marketing

Our firm has extensive experience with the intricacies of the many challenges faced by companies with all manner of products and distributors and representatives in dozens of countries, including international taxation,cross-border distribution issues, payments to distributors across borders, transfer pricing, international reporting issues, expatriate matters, and more.

Transfer Pricing

Worldwide government deficits are causing the tax authorities of many nations to increase their focus on transfer pricing audits as a means of increasing their tax revenues. Our firm can help you develop tax-efficient compliance measures, resolve transfer pricing disputes, prepare for an audit, or decrease your transfer pricing exposure in future periods.

International Taxation

We have extensive experience advising and serving clients with respect to international tax issues.

We have advised companies both small and large, domestic and foreign, on taxation of non-resident aliens, real property holding corporations and withholding taxes, foreign tax credits, tax treaties, and foreign earned income exclusions.

Tax Equalization

Tax equalization, also spelled as tax equalisation, is the process of accounting for those differences so that a third party, such as an employer, can compensate the worker in such a way that working abroad will have little or no effect on the worker.

Expatriate Tax Planning, Consulting, and Preparation of Returns

Don't worry - whatever your needs, we've got you covered. We have the extensive expertise and experience to turn your expatriate tax headaches into smiles. We can help, so call today to talk to Steve, at 1(801)234-4202.

Accounting Software and Support

Finally, we can help you find and properly use the best accounting software for your situation.

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If you are looking for premium support for all of your tax preparation, tax planning, and tax consulting needs, please don't hesitate to call us at (801) 234-4202 for a personal consultation.